Made in Italy

“Made in Italy” has confirmed itself as a label granting fine quality, authenticity and a sense of praiseworthy international style.

The worth of the “Made in Italy” has granted many products prosperity in the markets as it secured the solidity of the national economy.  Even if the financial and consequent debt crisis severely undermined Italy’s economic framework, the country’s businesses were able to maintain their leading role in Europe.

This certification helps smaller Italian manufacturers stand out from global brands with sophisticated supply chains. It reassures customers that the products are made entirely in Italy.

The global uniqueness of Italy in several traditional industries: fashion, accessories, food, furniture, mechanical engineering (automobiles, industrial design, precision machinery, equipment, shipbuilding), and specialised technologies have set their products apart. Italian products have often been associated with quality, high specialisation and differentiation, elegance, and strong links to traditional and famous Italian industrial districts often connected with the concept of luxury.

Around 56 per cent of Italy’s products are exported.

Beyond the most famous brands, indeed, there is a universe of medium or small brands that are worth knowing as they can surprise with unique creations.